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Does Reflecto Seal REALLY work?
Yes! In side-by-side testing of a particular color, Reflecto Seal records much lower surface temperatures than “standard paint.” We first offered this product as a “pool deck paint” a few years ago and have had nothing but rave reviews. Consult the COLORS Chart to see how much Reflecto Seal can increase a building’s reflectance.

Is Reflecto Seal a good-quality, durable paint?
Yes! Reflecto Seal was originally formulated here in Arizona to be used on pool decks, where sealer demands are extreme. The coating must be UV stable, fade resistant, resilient to ponding water, highly flexural (to expand and contract with concrete), hard film-forming (so foot traffic won’t ruin it) and easy to clean (so it looks great for years.) When painting contractors use Reflecto Seal, they always comment on the quality. One said, “This is like putting armor on your house!” - Buddy from Petra Paint Specialist

Does Reflecto Seal look or feel different from regular paint?
Not really. Painting applicators notice the high-quality, while homeowners have had no issues receiving HOA approval, because it looks similar to other exterior colors and sheen. It is a water-based sealer and very easy to use, with soap and water clean-up.

I would like to have Reflecto Seal put on my property. Who do I contact?
Simply click on the CONTRACTORS tab to find a contractor who is familiar with Reflecto Seal. For assistance with HOA Approval, or for Do-It-Yourselfers, contact Rusty Gonzales (602.361.8100 or rusty@prefdeck.com.)

I’m a painting professional and would like to offer my customers Reflecto Seal. How do I get application details and prices?
For technical information and pricing, contact Rusty Gonzales by phone/text at 602.361.8100 or email at rusty@prefdeck.com.

How much will Reflecto Seal save us in energy costs?
Good question. Every building is different with many variables to consider. Lengthy, quantifiable studies are in process to obtain a good average. But in the meantime, why not purchase a heat-reflective paint that is about the same price as a high-quality paint from national paint stores (that have no heat-reflective properties.)

How often should Reflecto Seal be applied?
In general, a good average for Reflecto Seal is every 10-15 years. So, you won't have to repaint as often, since most contractors suggest painting your house every 5-7 years (using standard paint.) Higher quality paints, like Reflecto Seal last longer, but there are many different factors that contribute to reapplication times.

Main Color: Baja Sand
Pop Out Color: New Sonoran

Color: Navajo Cream and Pueblo Trail